django-model-report is on the Python Package Index (PyPI), so it can be installed with standard Python tools like pip or easy_install.:

$ pip install django-model-report
  • Add the model_report directory to your Python path.

  • Add model_report to your INSTALLED_APPS setting.

  • Create file “” within any application directory (just like

  • Edit the file “” and register your reports like this:

    from anyapp.models import AnyModel
    from import reports, ReportAdmin
    class AnyModelReport(ReportAdmin):
        title = _('AnyModel Report Name')
        model = AnyModel
        fields = [
        list_order_by = ('anymodelfield',)
        type = 'report'
    reports.register('anymodel-report', AnyModelReport)
  • Activate your reports calling the autodiscover in (just like

    from model_report import report
  • Add reports urls.:

    urlpatterns = patterns('',
        (r'', include('model_report.urls')),